Flipgrid at Anna High School

Flipgrid at Anna High School
Posted on 10/18/2018
Flipgrid with Students

On October 16, 2018, Mindi Vandagriff, Coordinator of Professional and Digital Learning and Emily Burk, Instructional Media Resource Specialist took four D.E.N student staff members Jessica Barton, Falynn Browning, Lauren Taylor and Samantha Weaks to Celina HS for the Flipgrid Bus Tour.
The Flipgrid Bus Tour was a chance for Flipgrid representatives to speak to both Anna High School and Celina High School students who use Flipgrid and how it has impacted their learning in the class and outside the classroom. These four students were invited because they use Flipgrid in their class work and help with setup of Flipgrid for classes that come to the Anna High School D.E.N. These students wanted to learn more about Flipgrid, how it got started, and the people who created it. Flipgrid was created in a college classroom with 12 students and was used to communicate long distance with those students. The Flipgrid team was originally composed of two people the founder and the co-founder and now has expanded to 26 members who actively contribute to improving Flipgrid 24/7. Today, over 25 million students in 181 countries use Flipgrid to voice their learning and creativity in various classrooms!
While at Celina High School, the D.E.N. staff members got to hear how startup companies begin and work. They learned that collaboration and future-ready skills such as knowing how to use technology to communicate are essential to be career-ready. Students learned that the employees of Flipgrid use not only collaborative and communication skills, but they also use critical thinking skills, too. And they use all of these within their own tech tool of Flipgrid!

Burk said, “It was interesting to hear how one creator originally wanted to be a baker, but took an interest in coding and learned this on his own to help create the app. It was also informative to learn that another employee’s passion for helping students, as well as her interest in art, is what led her to be a major part in the graphic design area of Flipgrid. This reinforces that when figuring out what students want to do in life, they should remember to figure out what they are passionate about and try to think of how those areas can be connected. Students should also remember that even though they may think they want to go into one career-focused area, to keep their eyes open and keep networking just as the “baker-turned-coder” employee of Flipgrid did!”
Here in Anna, some of our teachers have used Flipgrid to help students have voices in their learning in various ways. Last year, Mr. Wallis and the band directing team started using it for students to post their playoff music to. Each section leader watches the students in their section play music so they know how to assist their team members. In ELA, Mrs. Wood’s classes use Flipgrid to post self-reflections for PBL activities, book discussions, and NHS uses it to post their NHS officer speeches for other students to watch and vote upon. CTE Teacher, Mrs. Coleman, uses Flipgrid for students to post reflections of notes that she gives so that they express their learning of content. ASL teacher, Ms. Smith uses Flipgrid to have her students sign their learning through video response while also sharing these responses with ASL classes at McMillen HS in Plano, TX and McKinney North HS. The ASL students at these three schools are learning ASL together by collaborating and validating through video response critique. In the AHS D.E.N. students can post a video of book talks and reviews after they finish and return a good book that they have read, so other students can refer to them to know what book to check out next.
Overall, the Flipgrid experience has been great for students to voice their learning, and getting to hear the experience straight from the Flipgrid employees was helpful not only for learning more about the tool, but to also hear about what being career-ready really means beyond high school.
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